A chat with Dr. Paardekooper

Around the project 08/12/2015

In 2015, the archaeologist, Dr. Roeland Paardekooper from the Netherlands has been awarded the Museum horizon international prize.

He has been working in the field of archaeological reconstructions and openā€air museums since 1981. In 1998 he graduated with a thesis on modern ship reconstructions of the medieval Hanse Association. He has worked both with archaeological education and archaeological tourism over the years and he got ever more attracted to solutions across Europe for reaching out to the public. In 2001, this led to his involvement as one of the founders of EXARC of which he has been Director since.

On a seminar at the Museum of Antiquities in Gothenburg the 28th of September Dr. Roeland Paardekooper introduced his long time work within the field of public archaeology, education and experimental Archaeology across Europe. Discussant was Anita Synnestvedt, coordinator of the Heritage Academy, University of Gothenburg.

To read the complete interview of Dr. Roeland Paardekooper, click HERE.

The seminar was arranged by Museum horizon, The Heritage Academy at the University of Gothenburg and the EU project NEARCH.