An exhibition with Klaas van Gorkum and Iratxe Jaio

Around the project 19/01/2016

Klaas van Gorkum and Iratxe Jaio are happy to announce the presentation of two of their latest projects at the San Telmo Museum, as part of the cultural programme of Donostia - San Sebastián, European Capital of Culture.

The first is a Basque premiere of "Nire ama Roman hil da", the project on the controversial graffiti that were found on ancient potsherds at the archaeological site of Iruña-Veleia. A thousand drawings that have never been exhibited before will be displayed alongside a video in which experts attempt to decipher the mysterious inscriptions. Click here to watch a short fragment of the video. (Click on CC to switch on subtitles in English).

Also new is their reprise of Jorge Oteiza’s Book of Plagiarism, "Libro de los Plagios", which has been out of print for decades. Fourteen large charcoal drawings based on images from the book accompany a small publication in which we pick up where the original author has left off in his reflections on ways to lean on other people’s work.

Both works set up an ambivalent dialogue with the past, mirroring the intent of the exhibition in which a constellation of contemporary artists is brought into orbit with that of the Basque avant-garde as epitomised by the Gaur Group from the late sixties (Oteiza, Chillida, Balerdi, Basterretxea, Sistiaga, Amable, Mendiburu and Zumeta).

Other artists in the show:
Txomin Badiola, PSJM, Goldiechiari, Azucena Vieites, Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Bojan Fajfric, Eugenio Ortiz and Avelino Sala.

Curated by Fernando Golvano

1966 | Gaur konstelazioak | 2016
Saturday 23 January 2016 - Sunday 15 May 2016
San Telmo Museum
Plaza Zuloaga, 1
Donostia - San Sebastián