Art and Matter, 2015 Edition

Around the project 24/03/2016

Since its creation, AFTAB’s mission has been to promote the art of woodturning. This art, in danger of disappearing until recently, is slowly returning to its former glory thanks to a group of turners determined to promote their creative expression and expose their works, rich in expertise and beauty.

Every two years, AFTAB holds a unique event entitled "Art & Matter" (L’art et la matière). The 2015 edition took place in june, from the 8th to the 13th.

Art & Matter is a collaboration between 50 artists and craftsmen coming from all backgrounds, to exchange expertise, combine all materials and inspire each other, in order to create together contemporary works to be presented during an auction closing the event. This collaboration takes place at Aiguines, Var, at the Escoulen school, home of the art of wood turning.

Take a look at the video from Art & Matter’s 2015 Edition HERE.

AFTAB aims to link professionals, artists, craftsmen, amateur turners, marketplaces, galleries as well as exhibition spaces, museums, government offices, schools and craft sectors.