Around the project 11/03/2015

Akademin Valand MFA year one spring exhibition

What happens when artists engage with an archaeological excavation? A group of ten MFA students from Akademin Valand in Göteborg, Sweden are developing a laboratory exhibition as a way to approach fieldwork as an artistic method.

Taking the dig site Nya Lödöse as a starting point, the artists interact with history, identity and ethics through their artistic practices. The juxtaposition of science and art invites new ways of seeing for both the artists and the scientific community.

Over the course of a week, the exhibition space will be activated with a series of events with invited speakers, performance artists and musicians. Dialogue will take place across fields including archaeology, contemporary art and poetry.

To follow the process and events, follow updates on this tumblr PAGE.

Participating artists:

Andreas Engman, Sara Anstis, Bianca Basan, Behjat Omer Abdulla, Gabriella Pettersson, Josefine Östberg Olsson, Katxerê Medina, Rachel Barron, Rose Borthwick, and Sylvia Javén.

Location: Vasagatan 33 (5th floor), Göteborg, Sweden

Date: April 17-25, Vernissage April 17th 2015, 16-20:00

Opening hours: 12-18:00 Tuesday-Sunday, specific event times TBA