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Events 12/02/2016

EAA 2016 in Vilnius - Call for Papers: 
 August 31st - September 4th, 2016

Here is the list of the several sessions for EAA Vilnius 2016, organized by NEARCH Partners: 

- Archaeology for "convivencia", Archaeology after Saint-Denis
by Felipe Criado-Boado (Institute of Heritage Sciences, Santiago) and Kai Salas Rossenbach (French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research, Paris) 
Topic: Archaeology without borders 
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- Archaeology and Heritage on the Way to Sustainability
by David Barreiro (Institute of Heritage Sciences, Santiago), Felipe Criado-Boado (Institute of Heritage Sciences, Santiago), Rocio Valera-Pousa (Institute of Heritage Sciences, Santiago) and Anita Synnestvedt (University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg) 
Topic: Managing the Archaeological Heritage
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- Creative Archaeologies II - continuing theory and practice in a new branch within the field of Archaeology
by Anita Synnestvedt (University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg), Julian Richards (Archaeology Data Service, York) and Aniie Danis (University of California, Berkeley)
Topic: Theoretical and methodological perspectives in archaeology
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- Preventive archaeology, Scientific Research and Economic Development
by Jean-Paul Demoule (Universit√© de Paris I Sorbonne), Maria-Pia Guermandi (Istituto Beni Culturali - Regione Emilia Romagna, Bologna) and Hakon Glorstad (University of Oslo)
Topic: Managing the Archaeological Heritage
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The deadline for submission of paper/poster proposals is extended until 1 March, 2016.

Please submit your paper/poster proposal through the on-line system of the EAA website.