EAA Session : Contemporary art & archaeology

News of the project 29/09/2014

The 20th Annual Meeting of EAA was held in Istanbul on September 10-14, 2014. A record in the history of EAA; participation from more than 76 countries, registrations from more than 2500, 1949 accepted oral submissions and 269 poster presentations... More than 2500 academicians attended the meeting. There was also a large number of round tables organized by various international institutions.

Archaeology and art find themselves at the convergence of human knowledge and experience. Thus, archaeology is often an archaeology of art and the art history is often based on archaeology. But beyond this academic perspective, there is a growing interest in the contemporary art towards the archaeological feature, both as a process and as an object (e.g. Land art by Richard Long or Andy Goldsworthy; the pottery destruction by Ai Wei Wei, etc.).

The archaeological themes such as the past, the remains, the landscape, the disappearance, the monumentalization etc. are currently present everywhere within the contemporary art field. As for the archaeologists, the renewal of their profession, methods and paradigms leads to the creation of new research fields and social interactions. Therefore, the artistic medium interests the archaeologist and vice versa. Indeed, the artistic and the archaeological object rely on the same function: the testimony. Both are vestiges, one of the artistic creation, the other of the human activities. Thus, a convergence can be found between the exploration methods of both disciplines, the search for the buried and for meaning, the revealing of the core through its margins. An unsuspected richness can be revealed when combining these two universes, the one of the reflection and the one of the materialization of the discourse on the past and on humanity.

From the richness of this creative confluence have emerged the various paths that the NEARCH network (European Commission - Culture Programme - 2007 - 2013) wishes to explore, namely:

- a reflexive, imaginary and materialized vision of archaeology
- an innovative story telling of the past accessible to all audiences
- the acknowledgement of the artistic as a real link within a research process.

The round-table is intending to gather archaeologists, art historians and artists in order to discuss the potential of contemporary art and archaeology interactions in terms of theoretical schemes and practical achievements.

Oral presentations :

• Lex Ter Braak : The materiality of the invisible

• Torill Christine Lindstrøm & Ezra Zubrow : Archaeology Interfacing Art and Science. An Experience and Experiment with Music in the Hypogeum Museum in Malta

• Anita Synnestvedt : New Lödöse – A Cross-Cultural Interpretation Project in NEARCH

• Jean-Paul Demoule : Excavating Contemporary Art : The Déjeuner sous l’herbe of Daniel Spoerri

• Anwen Cooper & Miranda Creswell : Exploring Landscapes, Sharing Expertise: The English Landscape and Identies Project, Oxford - find the presentation HERE.

• Helen Chittock & Joana Valdez-Tullett : “The Unique Result of a Unique Temperament”. Seeing Texture through the Making of Art: A Multidisciplinary

• Thérésia Duvernay & David Raynal : Art and Archaeology in Progress

• Stuart Jeffrey, Paul Wilson & Daisy Abbott : Reconnecting with Public Monuments: Dynamically Generated Site Specific Music

• Burak Delier & Hüseyin Çınar Öztürk : N/A: Round Table Discussion

• Piraye Hacıgüzeller : Archaeological Imaginations through Map Art

• Adriana Guzmán Umaña : The Tuza Project: Sound Installation Based on Audio Samples of Prehispanic Aerophones from Colombia’s Indigenous Ceramic Production

Find here the schedule and the summaries of each of these projects for the round table session.

Come also view the video of the eScape project (part 1) which combine art, archaeology and tourism.
eScape - Archaeology, Art and Storytelling in Alken Enge, Denmark 2014 (Part 1)