Archaeology & me : Works

News of the project 30/10/2016

Following the International competition You(r) Archaeology that took place during the summer of 2015, works from all over the world have been selected for the upcoming exhibition “Archaeology and me”.

The International competition “You(r) archaeology – portraying your past”, promoted and coordinated by IBC, and a NEARCH project initiative, took place from April to August 2015 and asked the following questions:

What is archaeology? An adventure? A pain in the neck? The appeal of the past, the magic of marvellous sites, the boredom of a dusty museum? Probably all of these together, and still more. The competition offered all European citizens the possibility to answer the question and tell us about their idea of archaeology by entering a drawing, painting, photo or video.

Out of all of those received, 88 works have been selected for the upcoming exhibition "Archaeology and me”. Here is the list of the works selected for the exhibition:

Children’s Category:

Ancient vessels - Noemi Amadori, Italy
My aunt’s office - Maite Diaz Ojeda, Spain
Research, fatigue, adventure. This is archaelogy - Nicole Fagarazzi, Italy
I want to become an archaeologist - Rachel Ferrarini, France
Pompei interior - Maximilian Ghose, United-Kingdom
Bison - Marianna Prezioso, Italy
Archaeologist in the catacombs - Gustaw Marciniak, Poland
A bit of history here between us - Matelda Miolo, Italy
Metro of Thessaloniki - Sotiris Rizos, Greece
The study and extraction of archaeology - Gianpaolo Ruju, United-Kingdom
Iron nail in biscuit - Sidney Tagg Foster, United-Kingdom
Once and now - Arne Wertel, Germany

Drawing / Painting Category:

Latest trends in art today - Alberto Barazzutti, Italy
Growing Europe - Eskild Beck, Denmark
Support contemporary archaeology - Béatrice Bertrand, France
Future of archaeology? - Fabio Busato, Italy
In the ruins of pagan Greece - Sylvie Cloua, France
Archaeology - Margreet De Heer, Netherlands
A dip in the past - Cristiano Fiorentino, Italy
Dead man´s heritage - Natalie Gawron, Germany
Patina III - Janne Heisel, Germany
Time - Nadezhda Kashina (AINO), Germany
Twist, or thrown venus - Daniela Leghissa, Italy
You were here - Raul Lopez Garcia, Germany
Pompei - Frederique Lamothe (Alissa Thor), France
Connecting - Roberta Masci, Italy
Journey through time - Salvatore Mocciaro Perez, Italy
David 2.0 - Gennaro Nardiello (Nadir), Italy
The past is back! - Sandro Natalini, Italy
Venus - Kate Orme, United-Kingdom
Colosseum - Anita Prohaszka, United-Kingdom
Medusa - Francesco Santoro, Italy
Look of a child - Michel Van Assche, Belgium
The laws of archaeology - Vasco Vieira, Portugal
Fragments 341 - Kuno Vollet, Germany
The timeless ancient world - Stephan Widera, Germany
The child and the Chimaera - Giulio Zeloni, Italy

Photo Category:

Bejenao - Alexis Javier Acosta Simón, Spain
Pass down history - Remi Anglade, France
Happiness between ruins - Elvira Laura Bandini, Italy
Century old - Daniel Baraldés Roales, Spain
Rome in a bubble - Davide Bortuzzo, Italy
The past is in front of us - Micol Boschetti, Italy
Tourists on the bridge of time, between past and present- Barbara Braccieri, Italy
Layers of time - Antonio Bufalino, Italy
The past is always present - Vittorio Caratozzolo, Italy
Beauty. Last bulwark against decline - Luigi D’Aponte, Italy
The shadow of the past Roberto Di Veglia, Italy
Pieces - Millie Elson, United-Kingdom
Roma and Laura Patrick Ernaux, France
Past, present and future - Anna Esposito, Italy
Under the watchful eye of Professor - Celine Gabet, France
Step by step - Clorinda Galasso, Italy
Immobility in time - Philippe-Alain Gilleron, France
Ballybrack portal tomb, Dublin - Federica Giusti, Italy
Timelessness - Barbara Harsch, Belgium
At the beach - Jelmer Jeuring, Netherlands
Central control system - Cristina Lamberti, Italy
Realty - Christopher Lee, United-Kingdom
Unusual hiding place - Elena Leonardi, Italy
The hidden foundations of modernity - Andrea Madaro, Italy
Ara Pacis at the mirror - Niccolò Manassero, Italy
A window on history - Pilar Marin, Spain
A man and a woman - Alessia Massa, Italy
Underground, under the skin: on the trail of the past - Charline Meyer-Vasseur, France
Once upon a time - Patrik Muchenberger, Austria
Between past and present - Daniele Napoli, Italy
Visit Rome - Italo Passoni, Italy
A mysterious lady - MarioPereda, Spain
O tempora, o mores - Guergana Radeva, Italy
Work in progress - Alessandra Ruozi, Italy
The sleeper - Alberto Siena, Italy
Excavation of a roman road in Heerlen - Rob Smeets, Netherlands
When Romans ruled the world - Kamila Snopek, Poland
Spring between ruins - Laura Spizzichino, Italy
Openly - Benedetta Tarroni, Italy
The light of yesteday, the light of today and the sun for ever - Catherine Vasseur, France
Archeological survey - Laura Walvodgel, France

Video Category:

Archaeology in Belgium - Floris Beke, Belgium
Second life - Marco Bruni, Italy
Closing time - Giuliano De Felice, Italy
Ice-house - Letizia Lusuardi, Italy
Lighten our (extra)ordinary past - Francesco Ripanti, Italy

“You(r) Archaeology” is one of the many initiatives that the NEARCH project has launched in order to analyze how the inhabitants of the European Community perceive archaeology and their archaeological heritage.