Workshop in Gothenburg

News of the project 16/04/2015

Workshop : Exploring and Documenting Landscapes and Sites

Do you want to get new ideas and inspiration in your work interpreting and using sites and landscapes?

When: 27th May 2015, 08.30 –16.00
Where: Gamlestaden, Gothenburg

With the guidance of the artists Marie Gayatri & Mikael Bojén and the archaeologists Anita Synnestvedt & Christina Toreld we spend the day putting together different documentations of a site in Gamlestaden, Gothenburg using audio, photography and installation art.

In 2013 the largest urban archaeological excavation ever undertaken in West Sweden started here. The town of "Nya Lödöse", which lay here between 1473 and 1624, is being excavated. The area is set to un-
dergo major transformations. New construction activities with buildings, a new hub for public transport, walkways and bike lanes will transform the urban landscape. Marc Augé (1995) has introduced the concept of "non-place" which he says are places where people pass by without there being a real social life, people meet occasionally to make about the same things. Examples of "non - places" can be airports, hotels, trams/ bus stops, shopping centers and residential areas or roads. The site where the archaeological excavations are taking place today can be described as a "non – place."

How can we experience this “non –place” today? With mobile’s help, we collect the details and the “small things” in visual forms, tracks and sounds of the busy landscape. We are looking for the "invisible", the minor steps, the minor sounds and what is not obvious at first glance. We are interested in how the physical environment might create stories and contexts and how to discover the many layers of time and space. During one workshop day at site in Gamlestaden we explore the enivironment in order to create other and different stories.

For more information about the workshop, click HERE.