International Competition "You(r) Archaeology" : Results

News of the project 31/12/2015

As stated by the European Jury of the NEARCH Project, the winners of the international competition “You(r) Archaeology” are the following:

- Drawing / Painting category:
Time by Nadezhda Kashina, Germany

- Photo category:
Ex aequo :
Century old by Daniel Baraldés Roales, Spain
Pieces by Millie Elson, UK

- Video category:
Second life by Marco Bruni (archaeologist), Italy

- Children category:
Ancient vessels by Noemi Amadori, Italy

In consideration of the high significance of the works received, we are considering increasing the number of works to be showed in the Exhibition (initially expected of 60).

The final selection will be announced by mid-January.

The Exhibition will open in November 2016 at Museo Archeologico Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Massimo in Rome.