Meet artistic duo Agapanthe

News of the project 20/03/2015

Selected for the NEARCH residency at the CENTQUATRE in Paris, AGAPANTHE: Konné & Mulliez was born in 2013. Florent Konne and Alice Mulliez aim to put in common and in form the data collected through their numerous travels and life experiences.

The territories they travel through and live in become new plastic and aesthetic vocabulary. The plastic forms they create are like refrains, repetitions and rhymes that bring echoing to their artistic practices.

Alice Mulliez has a polymorphic artistic approach, as her work takes shape in culinary equipments and installations. Florent Konné plays with the simulacrum. He invests into porous interstices between fixed and animated images, in two and three dimensions.

To learn more about Agapanthe, check out the NEARCH Library or click HERE.

Agapanthe was selected in relevance to the following NEARCH activity.