Memory, archaeology, trace - Workshops with Miranda Creswell

News of the project 29/10/2015

As part of the NEARCH 104 residency Miranda Creswell has run five workshops based on the simple task of drawing on the back of an envelope. She has suggested this simple medium to think about memories in landscape both in the past and personal memories of childhood linked to green spaces.

These workshops have been situated both in Harlow, Essex, England and in la Maison des Petits, 104, Paris, France.
They referenced two green sites, both with Roman Temples : Harlow Roman temple and the Roman Temple in les Buttes Chaumont Parc in the 19th district, Paris.
Although the groups have been made up of different ages, in different countries, when asked to draw a memory of childhood,unique memories have evolved.

Workshop n°1 :
In Harlow, one workshop at the Roman Temple site included a secondary school, Passmores Academy; an archaeologist, Albert Storey; a conservationist, Patrick Bailly and an artist Miranda Creswell.
Each person, including the students, talked about the site from their own perspective, which then enabled them to go back to their own childhood memories.

Workshops n°2, 3 and 4:
In Paris, three workshops were based around families and included discussions in conjunction with psychologist Nicole Roux (1) about green spaces in urban situations, and what these spaces might have been before.
This then led to thinking about attachment and memory derived from green spaces.

As part of these workshops Miranda Creswell invited the families to come to her studio to see work that she is making on the Harlow and Paris Roman Temple sites as part of the NEARCH residency.

Workshop n°5:
The fifth workshop at Harlow was again with families and involved a day trip in a minibus and lunch to the Harlow Temple site (that none of the families had visited, even though they lived in Harlow). The visit was arranged by the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow, Amanda Westbury and Miranda Creswell.
Archaeologist Albert Storey and artist Miranda Creswell led the workshop, each talking from their own perspective.
Having visited the site, the group then went back to the gallery using this experience to draw their personal memories of green spaces on a series of envelopes.
At the end of the session, each person was invited to talk about memories and the Roman site, using the envelop as a vehicle to describe their thoughts.

C’le chantier avec Miranda Creswell
Les traces de la nature dans le paysage urbain, la mémoire que les adultes en ont, l’histoire des jardins et leurs histoires personnelles se mêlent, se côtoient et se croisent dans les espaces verts. Ces thèmes sont au coeur du projet de résidence de l’artiste anglaise au centquatre-paris. Elle invite les familles à une exploration participative artistique à partir du jardin des Buttes Chaumont, et en Angleterre à partir du Site archéologique d’Harlow.
samedis 12 et 19 septembre et 24 octobre / 11h > 12h30.

Miranda Creswell was selected in relevance to the following NEARCH activity.
More on artist Miranda Creswell on this website soon.

1_ In conjunction with Nicole Roux, and with the help of Lucille du Banchet, Anais Mechali and Juan Sebastian Rosero.