NEARCHing Factory

Events 07/12/2016

Creating New Scenarios for Archaeology

NEARCHing is a factory for building sustainable practices in archaeology.

Over the last few years, thousands of jobs have been lost in the archaeological sector. Preventive archaeology, the main occupation of the almost 30,000 professionals that there were in Europe, is now being seriously questioned as an economic and social model of activity.
The crisis in the construction industry, which was the main source of work in the field of preventive archaeology, has led to a large number of workers and business owners being expelled from the market. At the same time, the conditions of those that remain are even more precarious than before.
Although the situation is now changing, the distance between experts and the general public remains, thus impeding a truly efficient form of heritage management.

What is NEARCHing Factory for?

Given this grave situation for archaeologists, and taking into account that archaeology as a discipline has been in a state of permanent crisis as a consequence of its necessary adaptation to changing conditions of Modernity, the purpose of NEARCHing Factory is to re-think the practice of archaeological activity (i.e. archaeological as a way of life and of making a living) to build, in collaboration with others, a process for the creation of new scenarios that can help to sustain the activity.


- To regenerate the conditions for the professional practice of archaeology.
- To incorporate new types of activity into the practice of archaeology.
- To align the archaeological profession with social demands regarding the use of Heritage.
- To anticipate what needs to be changed in order to make all of the above possible.

NEARCHing is not a conference but a factory, a workspace where ideas can be transformed into something more specific by means of collective effort. It is not an academic meeting. Rather, it is clearly political in nature, in that it does not merely seek to debate theoretical positions, but to propose practical, sustainable, multivocal and participatory solutions which can be incorporated into public policies.

When is it?
From 30th January to 1st February 2017.

Where is it?
Santiago de Compostela

How to reach us?

Visit our web site: