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Events 18/04/2017

NEARCHing Factory contains a large part of the documentation generated during the so-called event that took place in Santiago de Compostela from 30th January to 1st February 2017. Over 80 people from over twenty countries of Europe and America attended the meeting to speak about new scenarios for archaeology and for the cultural heritage work in general.

Several plenary sessions (conferences, talks, interviews) and different working groups focused on various topics of interest were carried out during two days and a half. There was also time for debate and for field activities in Santiago de Compostela.

This collection comprises a large part of the documentation generated and that we make available to the public: basic information about NEARCHing Factory (publicity material, objectives, programme, list of participants), reports from the different working groups and from the field activity, power point presentations that summarize the working groups work, video and audio records of the plenary sessions, photographs that illustrate all the activities, among other files that can be of interest to both experts and the general public.

NEARCHing Factory repository