Poster contest at Leiden University

Events 15/09/2014

This article presents our colleague Krijn Boom’s participation in the design of a poster as part of a small contest between PhD’s and Postdocs of the faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. All posters will be presented at the official launch of the new ‘Van Steenis’ building of the faculty.

The conduct of archaeology has a profound effect on communities all over the world. People attribute values to their heritage and as a result may classify archaeology as an important part of their lives. While this valuation goes one way, from people onto their archaeological heritage, the very conduct of archaeology and supporting archeological activities also generates impact into these people’s lives.

The economic impact of archaeology has been the subject of various impact evaluation studies in the last decades, but the sociocultural impact of archaeology only recently gained attention. The cause for this is the growing pressure on governments to deal with sociological aspects, mainly based on rapid social change. As a result, the importance of the sociocultural impact of archaeology has been acknowledged by institutions such as the European Union, UNESCO and ICOMOS. However, there is a lack of knowledge about how to evaluate and measure sociocultural impact.

Within the NEARCH project, financed by the EU Culture 2007 Programme, I have been given the time and opportunity to research both the economic and sociocultural impact of archaeology and see if there is a methodological and theoretical bridge to be found between them. I focus specifically on public activities in archaeology, because they prove to be a perfect incentive for people to (re)think their opinion of archaeology and therefore generate a valuable insight into people’s notion. The eventual result of this research will be the creation of a comprehensive and practical framework on impact evaluation of archaeology, which can be used by governments and project managers alike.

PhD researcher: Krijn Boom MA
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Willem Willems
Co-promotor: Dr. Monique van den Dries
Poster design: Krijn Boom MA