Between memory and oblivion 2

Events 26/05/2017

Workshop "Between memory and oblivion" in Poland.

As a result of exhibition "Between memory and oblivion: the archaeology of the First World War prisoners of war camp in Czersk", archaeologists of Adam Mickiewicz University and National Academy of Science were asked to prepare a practical lesson of archaeology for people with intellectual disabilities from the Czersk’s school. On 22 May 2017 Arek Marciniak and Kornelia Kajda who represented the NEARCH project, as well as David Kobiałka and Mikołaj Kostyrko talked about archaeology and the prisoners of war camp in Czersk to the lesson’s participants. The whole day spent together with the archaeologists enabled people with intellectual disabilities to get to know the past of their region. They could also know archaeology in practice by looking for artefacts hidden in the former POW’s ground as well as by observing drone’s prospection of landscape. Through all that experience archaeologists and lesson participants could realize that cooperation and working with the society is one of the most important roles of archaeology.